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"I am so fortunate to have met and hired Danielle as my doula for my first pregnancy. I only wish my husband and I had decided earlier in my pregnancy that we wanted to hire a doula. From our very first meeting with Danielle, I knew she was someone I could feel totally comfortable with and could trust fully. Her experience with so many different birth paths made me feel like she would be ready to support us through whatever came our way and whatever decisions we would need to make. My first impressions of her did not change but got stronger as we got to know her better through our prenatal visits, labor and delivery, and postpartum visits. She was always available to answer questions, provide resources, and reassure us that we were doing great as expectant and new parents (something I needed to hear frequently). As my pregnancy progressed and we learned I would need to be induced she was right by our side during check-ups and at the hospital. Through the long induction she helped me stay calm and open to the drastic deviations from my birth preferences. Due to high blood pressure I was limited in the coping techniques I could use but Danielle was there to advocate for me, offer guidance, and help us find ways to get through each contraction. Her words of encouragement made me feel strong, like I could accomplish anything. Her support and reassurance empowered me to make the decisions I needed to make to reach our ultimate goal of bringing a healthy baby into the world. She is absolutely devoted to the mommas in her care, is incredibly thoughtful, and develops relationships that go beyond the job you’ve hired her for. Her commitment to postpartum care means you will always have a lifeline to call on if you find yourself struggling or a friend to celebrate milestones with. Danielle is an excellent doula for all stages of your birth journey, and anyone would be lucky to have her company and support along the way."

-Alex N

-Alyssia G

"I had Emily come to my home for a lactation consult. She was great! First, she was on time, (little things matter). She immediately asked to wash her hands, she was very professional and polite. She actually read what I had filled out for my lactation concern and was able to discuss that with me.   She was friendly and listened to my issue and then watched me nurse. She identified what she thought the problem was and gave me suggestions to alleviate my symptoms. Within 3 days my nursing pain went from a 9 to a 5 and is still improving. She followed up with me and sent me additional information I asked for. I would recommend her to my best friends!"

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