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Emily Ager, LM, CPM, IBCLC

Hi! I'm Emily. I am a LICENSED midwife and lactation consultant with a background in out-of-hospital birth, clinical lactation services and years of breastfeeding experience. I feel honored to have worked with hundreds of families to find real solutions to their baby feeding challenges,  I am passionate about meeting parents where they are, connecting them to resources, and helping to create a sustainable support plan beyond one-on-one care. I love playing in the forest with my 2 young boys, pup and husband, cooking hearty homemade marinara sauce, and drinking really good black coffee. 


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Lactation Consultation

We meet one-on-one for a history review, feeding assessment, weight check and feeding plan. Common concerns include painful latch, sore nipples, slow weight gain of baby, tongue-tie assessment, and weaning solutions. Usually a 60-90 minute visit at our Wellness Center. 

Home Visits

Lactation Consultation in your home! Usually a 90-120 minute visit. Travel fee for 20+ miles outside of Tacoma. 

Virtual Consults

60 Minutes of one-on-one time to discuss your challenges and find creative solutions. May not be appropriate for every situation, contact Emily for more info at 253-655-7817. 

Prenatal Consults

Establish care before baby arrives to easily get the support you need as soon as you need it. Great for folks with specific concerns about lactation or a history of difficult nursing experiences. 


Lactation Lounge support group

Lactation 101 

Hello! My name is Whitney. I am a Lactation Specialist, Breastfeeding Educator and aspiring IBCLC. I have a passion for people and building relationships as well as educating and supporting families on their breastfeeding journeys.  I have two incredible children,three dogs, seven chickens and can't leave out the fish! I enjoy growing my own food and playing outside.


She/her pronouns

Whitney Scott, CLE
Classes + Groups

Lactation Lounge support group

Melanin + Milk Lactation Lounge


At this time, we cannot bill insurance for your visit but gladly will provide a Superbill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement and offer sliding scale options. 

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