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Danielle Schell, BA, CBD (SBD)

Hi! I'm Danielle, a professional Doula with over 9 years of experience. I offer personalized education, support, and care for births of any trimester.  My goal is to make sure you have the information and education you need to make informed choices before, during and after labor. I aim to be a calm and loving presence in all my work. I am able to do this work because I have a kick-ass, ultra supportive partner, two loving sons, a dog, and a really fluffy cat. When not providing support I can be found sipping americanos with cream, playing with my kids, doing something creative or enjoying beer with friends.


She/her pronouns

Birth + Labor  Support

Beginning with visits during pregnancy, we will work together to build a relationship that will carry through to your birthing space. We discuss a variety of topics during prenatal visits including medical procedures, questions to ask your provider, your history and hopes for your birth. We do hands on practice and I will guide you to prepare for your birth emotionally, physically, spiritually, and even logistically!

With continuous support via text and phone during pregnancy, I go on call for you and your family starting at 37 weeks and attend your birth to provide continuous, calm, and informed support.  All birth packages also include two postpartum visits and referrals and use of materials as needed.

Postpartum Support

After baby arrives I provide visits in your home to assist with bonding, healing, household needs such as cleaning and cooking, and compassionate listening to help the transition to parenthood go as smoothly as possible. I am well versed in trouble shooting basic breastfeeding challenges and have tips and tricks to help bring order to baby's sleep and wake cycles. I also offer reassurance and companionship through questions and frustrations.

Bereavement/Loss Support

Whether you are facing a miscarriage, abortion, fatal diagnosis or stillbirth, you deserve support. I provide deeply compassionate care and information to help you navigate the worst time of your life. I also provide hands on labor support both in home or at a hospital. Pregnancy loss should not be endured alone and whether or not you are still pregnant having someone to talk to before, during and after a pregnancy loss is important. I can assist in planning for postpartum without your baby and am highly experienced with helping you navigate all of the changes your body will go through.

Groups + Classes

Pregnancy Loss  Community Group 

Labor Coping 101

Life with Baby 

Pregnancy + Pandemic

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