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Quantas L. Ginn is an expectant dad studying to be a Marriage and Family Therapy at Seattle Pacific University. He is currently an intern at a community mental health agency serving the Greater Seattle area. He provides therapy to families, couples, children, and teens. He has a particular passion for early childhood and parenting interventions, such as play therapy, to produce healthier families. Before studying marriage and family therapy, he obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida. Quantas was employed in various marketing roles within large, global companies as well as small businesses and nonprofits. He currently lives in Tacoma with his wife.

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Graham Murtaugh is primarily, a husband and father who has suffered the pain, loss, anger and exhaustion of infertility and pregnancy loss first-hand. Graham is a licensed mental health therapist and facilitator with experience working with a wide variety of individuals and groups. He lives in Tacoma with his wife and dog, where he bakes bread, plays Dungeons and Dragons and is slowly getting the hang of hand-tool woodworking.

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Hello! My name is Whitney Scott CLE. I am a Lactation Specialist and Breastfeeding Educator. I have a passion for people and building relationships as well as educating and supporting families on their breastfeeding journeys.  I have two incredible children,three dogs, seven chickens and can't leave out the fish! I enjoy growing my own food and playing outside.


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Hi! I'm Angharad Hollingworth. An intuitive doula, coach, and energy worker. I support people intentionally moving through major life transitions. 


My fascination with people as humans lead me to dream of working with people in their most human moments. My exploration of things in this world that dehumanize us and our experiences makes me believe that creating sacred space for people’s humanity to shine- especially intimate and vulnerable and life changing moments- is all the more important.


When I am not supporting people, I am spending time as a newlywed with my wife and working on my Marriage and Family Therapy degree at PLU.

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